Welcome to the
Chicago Swingles Club

Formerly ChicagoSwingles.com

Thank you for your interest in the Chicago Swingles Club. Our Nationwide club has been in business for over 20 years. We provide direct contacts and meeting options for ALL LIFESTYLES.

Uninhibited • Exciting • Pleasureable

To enhance your opportunities, we offer several gatherings each month in cooperation with several clubs.

  • No prostitution, male or female.
  • Balance between single male, ladies and couples.
  • Six DIRECT phone contacts each month of ladies, couples and/or men. (Absolutely NO 900 #’s).
  • Personal ads (3-6) each month.
  • DIRECT phone numbers or addresses each month.


  • We replace disconnected phone numbers for FREE.
  • Members may cancel this contract within 3 business days of the date of the contract upon written notice to Club office delivered by certified or registered mail.

Monthly Newsletter

As a member, each month you will receive a newsletter in a blank envelope informing you where to go for GATHERINGS and who to contact for ladies, couples, and/or men. Personal ads are included in this newsletter.

Join Up—It's Fun!

Everyone Is Welcome

Membership Fee:—$100.00 per year to cover club expenses. This covers all your costs except food and drink. (Figures $8.00 per month.)

Call or E-mail Today to set up an appointment—or Complete Our Downloadable Application.

Phone: 773-761-5454—Bill
E-Mail: info@amoralswingersclub.com

Complete the application form, sign, enclose your membership fee, and mail to:
Chicago Swingles Club
7200-A North Claremont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60645

Questions? For more information, contact Bill at 773-761-5454.